Strategic Business Consultancy



We help clients to evolve as efficient organizations by bringing together perspectives and functional expertise from a wide range of industries, to build capabilities and deliver customized solutions for our clients to optimize their organizational value.

Eight reasons why an organization should choose PMC as knowledge partner in managing their change, performance and growth:

Driving Result

PMC measures its success through realizing top line and bottom line results of its clients and their overall success as its own. We help clients and provide them service solutions, which have following 10 major issues with their existing businesses:
  • Strategy & Tactics
    Have vision but no clear strategy and direction for action
  • System Efficacy
    Business processes not performing effectively and efficiently
  • Stagnating Growth
    Experiencing stagnation in growth
  • Stunted Organization
    Growth in business not leading to organizational growth
  • Rising Costs 
    Business decisions resulting in unforeseen and unplanned expenses
  • Lower profitability
    Losing profits because of high costs
  • Losing Competitive Edge
    Losing competitive edge to global players or in global markets because of compliance gaps
  • Supply Chain Issues 
    Don’t have right partnerships in building a network of world-class supply chain
  • Customer Dis-satisfaction 
    Stakeholders and end customers not very happy with service experience
  • Human Relations Issues 
    Industrial Relations, talent acquisition and retention becoming a problem
  • Lower profitability
    Losing profits because of high costs