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Supplier Sourcing


Sourcing is the first part of supply chain process and it is a process of selecting suppliers that provide goods or services. Sourcing is also known as procurement; it is the practice of locating and selecting businesses or individuals based on set criteria. Sourcing is carried out in business in many different areas and for different reasons. One of the most common uses of sourcing is in supply chain management.

what we do

  1. Our team of experts help clients both OEMs and Tier-I companies to understand exact requirement of suppliers and devise industry specific supplier sourcing strategies with the help of industry experts to create more demand for supplier sourcing.
  2. Our consulting engagement for supplier sourcing makes sure that our clients meet objective of their business for a sustainable sourcing at most competitive pricing.
  3. Our team of expert follows step-wise approach to find out exact supplier for your requirement and follow project management processes to avoid any pitfalls in the process of procurement.
  4. Our focus is to provide supplier with proper costing and increased visibility for the business.
  5. We do concentrate on value added services, which our clients get during supplier souring process established by our team of professionals.
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