Strategic Business Consultancy



The important objective of Cluster Interventions is to enhance the productivity and competitiveness through capacity building of the entrepreneurs and their businesses. Bridging the technological and operational gaps and thus reducing the cost of production, improving quality of the products and worldwide benchmarking of the quality parameters, are the major value additions over multiple challenges in this space.

Industry clusters are groups of similar, related or homogenous companies in a defined geographic area that share common markets, technologies, worker skill needs, and which are often linked by buyer-seller relationships.

what we do

  1. We do manage andcreate a plan for the suppliers to join cluster programmes and intervene in different clusters leading to business improvement.
  2. We do strong monitoring of overall work done by the suppliersthrough project management approach during such interventions with the help of qualified professionals.
  3. We do take care that only those specific suppliers, who are willing to take part of such cluster programmesshould participate, which reduces the risk.
  4. We developclusters in such a way that it provides an efficient means to obtain important inputs for overall industry development.
  5. We engage with each cluster participating member with an individual approach and ensure each company is given one-to-one attention for their individual development and growth.
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