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Supplier Audits & Approvals


Supplier evaluation and supplier appraisal are terms used in business and refer to the process of evaluating and approving potential suppliers by quantitative and qualitative assessments. The objective of this process is to ensure a bestsupplier is available for use.Supplier audits are typically conducted on behalf of their customersin order to check and verify compliance of a supplier’s work, products and processes for continuing supplies of high quality, at most competitive price and prompt deliveries.

what we do

  1. We are experienced and well known in industry for conducting various audits like Process compliance audit, OEM audits of their suppliers, Operational audit, HR audit, Quality audit, Internal audit etc.
  2. Our teamof consultants conducts planned audits toverify compliance with the standards, protocols and industry best practices. We also design audit checklists for conducting customized audits cutting across industry segments.
  3. We share output of each step of audit with client immediately for increasing user confidence for business processes and to reduces risk,
  4. We identify compliance gaps and help them to take proper correction and corrective action to avoid reoccurrence.
  5. We do take care of our clients by processing systematic and independent audits leading to complete client satisfaction for overall business improvement.
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