Strategic Business Consultancy

Software Service Solutions


ERP Solutions complies with all Business management system that integrates all facets of the business, including planning, manufacturing, sales, and marketing. As the ERP methodology has become more popular, software applications have emerged to help business managers implement ERP in business activities such as inventory control, order tracking, customer service, finance and human resources.

PMC offers following benefits through its ERP solutions

  • Better customer satisfaction.
  • Improved vendor performance
  • Increased flexibility
  • Reduced quality costs
  • Improved resource utility
  • Improved information accuracy
  • Improved decision-making capability

Customized Software

PMC has developed simple customized IT solutions for industry verticals and have partnered with reputed IT firms to support our IT consulting delivery model. Our focus under this service is to deliver simplified solutions ideally for process effectiveness and generating customized MIS for top management.

Our tool kit includes customized excel based IT solutions for inventory management, productivity improvements, business risk assessments, quality assurance, training management, employee performance management, safety management et al.

Database Management

PMC also provides consulting services to those organizations, which are considering making a change to their data management system. We, at PMC can help guide our clients through the potholes and pitfalls that every organization faces, when beginning a major overhaul to their database.

PMC’s experience and knowledge of the available software packages will help organizations to select, implement, and use the data management system that is most appropriate for their organization’s needs. PMC is an independent and objective third-party that represents no particular data management or CRM software, but has successful working relationships with many software vendors.

Product Software Solutions

PMC also provides solutions and technologies that empower client organizations to solve today’s complex problems and capitalize on tomorrow’s opportunities. Our industry-leading advanced analytics deliver timely insights for taking strategic action and driving impact.