Strategic Business Consultancy

Six Sigma Implementation


Six Sigma principles use statistical and numeric methods to reduce the number of defects in output to an insignificant level. They emphasize simplicity of process, quality of parts and supplies, and employee responsibility for achieving promised results. Businesses that successfully implement Six Sigma programs see an improvement in organization’s performance and increased financial returns.Training key employees in Six Sigma techniques is an important prerequisite for effective implementation.

what we do

  1. We have trained and qualified team of experts for Six Sigma Implementation, which helps our clients to rectify the defects in business processes.
  2. We study the actual current status of the quality of a company and based on our analysis, we apply and suggest the defect repairing processes for business.
  3. We involve client teams in the introducing Six Sigma strategies, which is a major factor for successful implementation.
  4. We strongly follow the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control)) improvement cycle during our work and training process.
  5. Training: We also train and certify individuals, which help their organizations to work in systematic way and maintain process and overall work standards.
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