Strategic Business Consultancy



Vocational skills development training programmes
VSDTP are short-term course based on recruitments of SME to bridge the gap between industry & academia. These courses equip student with skills, knowledge, attitudes, networks to kick starts their career with new beginning . the experts of PMC serve as role models, coaches and advisors. Technical skills development programmes Administration skills & business process management (BPM) development programmes
Entrepreneurship development programme

EDeP is 3-month programme for everyone with dream to become an entrepreneur, where mentored by real – life professional & successful entrepreneurs.

  • Spread over 12 weekends, covering one module every week in 2 classes of 4 hrs each.
  • Training delivery through lecture, Case study, presentation, business game, video, interaction with successful entrepreneurs and participation in round tables.
  • Covering all aspects of business, from nurturing an idea, identifying resources, project management, certification & registration, branding, govt. support and studies, compliances, global opportunities, industry visits and more.
  • Academia & industry integrated skills development programmes

These programmes are based on skills & placement initiative for MSMEs to bridge the gap between industry & academia and to up-skills students for honing their skills, knowledge and attitude to kick start their career path.

  • Industry integrated Training & placement programme  (IITPP)
  • Industry internship training programme (IITP)
  • Personality development programmes
  • Professional skills development programmes