Strategic Business Consultancy



Fierce competition, new customer needs, and legal reforms – the framework in the healthcare market is constantly changing and demanding more of the Pharmaceutical Companies; whose operating structure’s problems are further compounded by low R&D output, costly product withdrawals and lower revenue per product.

Our Experience

PMC provides a fresh perspective on aligning Pharma operations along the entire value chain: reviewing the corporate organization structure, improving R&D performance, increasing the marketing and sales effectiveness, implementing new supply chain capabilities and developing best-in-class support functions.
PMC has designed a comprehensive safety audit checklist for verification of safety implementation & legal compliances. We have also conducted more than 24 man-days of Safety Audits of various construction projects in North India.

Our Services

  1. Safety Audit
  2. Product & Process Development
  3. Regulatory Compliance
  4. Validation Studies
  5. Industry Standard Certification
  6. Training & Development 
  7. Best Industrial Practices