Strategic Business Consultancy



Infrastructure development is the key to the economic growth of a developing economy like India. The inadequacy of our infrastructure is apparent by the state of our urban agglomerations and the capacity shortfall in enabling components such as logistics hubs and energy producing utilities.

Our Experience

PMC offers operational and performance improvement strategy solutions in the Infrastructure and construction industry, which invariably helps the organizations to improve their market performance.

PMC has developed and implemented Operational and Performance Management Systems for various Construction and Real Estate Development company in Northern part of India. We have designed a comprehensive safety audit checklist for verification of safety implementation & legal compliances and conducted more than 40 man-days of Safety Audits of various construction projects in India.

Our Services

  1. Operational Management Systems
  2. Performance Management Systems
  3. Energy Walkthrough Audits
  4. Safety Audits
  5. Regulatory Compliance Management
  6. Regulatory Compliance Audits
  7. Resource Productivity
  8. Industry Specific Personality Development & Soft Skills Training
  9. Sustainability & Regulatory Strategies
  10. Green Growth
  11. Energy Efficiency &ConservationPrograms
  12. Environmental Impact Assessment
  13. Environmental Testing
  14. Green Building Ratings & Certifications
  15. Green Building Architecture & Design