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Industrial Safety Performance Audits


Organizations conduct safety audits to comply with laws or regulations and to provide a safe workplace for everyone. A safety audit identifies different levels of risk in each work area of an organization. Research safety conditions that should exist in each work area.Safety Assessment or Audit is a management tool comprising of a systematic, periodic and objective evaluation of plant, personnel and processes to judge how well the safety organization, management and equipment are performing, with the aim to safeguard human lives, company assets by facilitating management control of health & safety practices and assessing compliance with established standards & legal requirements.

what we do

  1. Safety assessment and audit services
  2. Training and assessment programs on occupational health and safety management system.
  3. Our team of audit identifies the areas of strength & weakness and provides a structured approach to continual improvement.
  4. Our quantified safety assessments are used by organizations to benchmark their safety management system
  5. Services for legal requirements in industry based on the safety.
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