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A Hazard and Operability Study (HAZOP) is a method of assessing and evaluating potential hazards to employees or equipment for companies in the process industry. It is a qualitative risk assessment technique that provides executives and management with information in order to make decisions to improve safety. This involves investigating each element of a process to identify all of the ways in which parameters can deviate from the intended design conditions and create hazards or operability problems. A Hazop Study may be a one-time study of limited duration, or it may be ongoing, not having a specific end date. Study results should be released as action items as they are identified.

what we do

We offer a proven track record of helping our clients successfully mitigate risks so they can achieve their business goals. We facilitate your HAZOP study in a three-step manner. We will first review the respective process safety information along with the scope and objectives of the project. This is followed by a series of onsite meetings where the facilitator guides the team to identify the hazards associated and assists them in analyzing these scenarios further. After the meetings, the facilitator provides a report that includes all the findings and recommendations of this study.Our training can help you become a leader in your organization and conduct better HAZOPs.