Strategic Business Consultancy

Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment


Hazard Identificationis a process used to identify all the possible situations in the workplace where people may be exposed to injury, illness or disease. Considering various types of hazards that may exist in the workplace, it is mandatory for organizations to identify & assess the types of hazards in the particular environment through incident reports, statistics, inspections & safety surveys. Having done that a Risk Assessment Process is used to determine the likelihood of such incidents or occurrences to recur in future and also identify the steps taken to avoid such a recurrence.

what we do

We assist our customers in applying methodologies for Hazard identification & Risk Assessment in their organizations or workplaces such as machine workshops, laboratories, office areas, stores & transport, teaching spaces. We help in documenting the identified hazards and controls into an Action Plan and train managers & supervisors to be responsible for actioning the controls. Then perform a review of the systems in place and their effectiveness evaluation on a regular basis. This is required so that in case there is a change in the level of risk of any process involved or change in a process at the workplace.