Strategic Business Consultancy

Emergency Preparedness & Response Management


Emergency managementis the effort of businesses to plan for and coordinate all personnel and materials required to either mitigate the effects of, or recover from, most importantly workplace accidents as well as natural or man-made disasters such as industrial sabotage. It does not avert or eliminate the threats, although their study is an important part of the field. Also is covered in this effective management & recovery from such a situation or at least minimizing losses of human lives or financial or even equipment damage.

what we do

Primarily we undertake study of the workplace & prepare an action plan for you and your business as stepwise process covering:

  • Prevention Procedures
    These focused on preventing the human hazard, primarily from potential workplace accidents or natural disasters
  • Mitigation
    Personal mitigation is a key to national preparedness. Individuals are trained to avoid unnecessary risks. This includes an assessment of possible risks to personal health and to equipment,
  • Preparedness
    It focuses on preparing people, equipment and procedures for use when an accident occurs.
  • Response
    Response Planning for all different types of events, and all magnitudes is of utmost importance, so that when such an event occurs responders know exactly what their assignments are and how they should respond to such accidents.
  • Recovery
    The recovery phase starts after the immediate threat to human life or the equipment has subsided. The immediate goal of the recovery phase is to bring the affected area of workplace back to normalcy as quickly as possible.