Strategic Business Consultancy

Certification & Accreditation


Certifications & Accreditations even though used interchangeably as business terms specifically are used for defining or publicly attesting the quality standards that the product, process, or the business unit/entity follows in their practice.

Our Strengths

With our varied experience in handling standardization of processes in all major sectors, we are able to provide guidance to businesses in order to achieve accreditations as well as certifications as may be required from time to time, whether as part of governmental policies or customer requirements.

What We Do

We are constantly in touch with our clients to improvise and advising them on updating on the certifications of their products & processes as well as accreditations of their facilities so as to meet the national as well international standards in all fields of operations. We strongly believe that Process & product performance can be improved upon by focusing on:
  1. ISO standards Certifications
  2. National & International Accreditations
  3. Product Standard Certifications
  4. Industry Best Practices
  5. Management Assurance Program