Strategic Business Consultancy

Case Study

A Trading company strengthens its Quality Assurance and successfully implements a Quality Management System

A mid-sized trading industry in the state of Kuwait, was unable to come back on their feet to get their QMS certificate re certified without external help, therefore they asked PMC to come rescue and guide them in the steps involved in successful implementation of the Quality Management System. PMC helped the client to develop a more effective and uniform work flow structure and remove all bottleneck hampering their business performance.


ISO 9001 certificate being pre requisite for the client to get repeat order from their customers, their business dipped to almost 30% in one year due to non compliance to the International Standard. This company has nine departments with over 70 employees and trades a number of products including Electrical power cable accessories, Fire and Rescue products, Packaged Air Conditioning Units, Valves, Petroleum Testing Analyzers, Air compressors, Heat exchangers and more.

Client’s Challenge

After lapse of its ISO 9001 certification, a mid-sized industry decided to establish a stronger Quality Management System, thereby aiming to improve its customer satisfaction level by streamlining the different department work flow structure.

The management team turned to PMC for assistance. The client wanted support in completing all documents as part of requirement of ISO 9001:2008, organizing the different resources available by reassessing the different process involved and benchmarking the company’s performance targets to current Industry standards enabling them to deliver quality products.

PMC’s solution

The PMC team began the project on 1st November 2015 by analyzing the present scenario of the organization and subsequently formulating the As-is gap Assessment. PMC team discussed all the gaps with the HOD and assigned QMS coordinator of each department and together formulated solutions for all the identified gaps. The work flow of each department was studied and streamlined after consultation with the respective HOD’s.

The staff was also trained on the validity and importance of ISO 9001 especially in the present times when businesses have become very competitive.

Impact on client’s business

The company was awarded the ISO 9001:2008 certificate after the successful implementation of the Quality Management System across all the departments in the organization. The Head of Departments has a clearer picture of the department process flow because of the more efficient and well defined work flow structure. The client has been able to deliver quality product and have subsequently improved on the customer satisfaction index.

Also a healthy competition has been started between the different departments to see who can perform the best with respect to the defined KPIs, which has increased the employee’s involvement and helped the organization achieve its objectives.

A Block level office strengthens its Quality Assurance and Performance Indicators

To ensure successful execution of a project to improve on the Quality and Performance aspects of a Block level Office in the Indian State of Uttar Pradesh, the District Magistrate with the help of PMC consultants and trainers designed and developed a new work flow structure and quality management system by re-engineering the processes involved to help the beneficiaries get their services with lesser lead time and fewer errors.


Shikohabad is a city and has a Block office in the Firozabad district of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. This Block office is the service provider to the villagers for different scheme in different department. There are seven departments/service desks in the block office that help a villager and following are the government schemes rendered to the villagers under the block constituency:

  • Swatah Rojgar Yojna.
  • Joota Gath Yojna.
  • Bridha Pension Yojna.
  • Vidhwa Pension Yojna.
  • Viklang Kalyan Yojna.
  • Rashtriya Pariwarik Labh Yojna.
  • Indira Aawas Yojana.
  • Lohiya Aawas Yojana.
  • Birth Certificate.
  • Death Certificate.
  • Ration Card.
  • Marriage Certificate.

Client’s Challenge

A Block level office in the Firozabad District of Uttar Pradesh, one of the largest states in India, under the leadership of the current District Magistrate, Shri Vijay Kumar Anand decided to establish a strong quality management system and improve its public service delivery system rendered by various service schemes. The management team at the Block office faced a number of challenges by while trying to reassess and restructure their business practices and mode of working. The Documentation System of the processes had to be built from scratch since no documents were available. Also there was requirement of skilled trainers to fulfill the training needs of the skill gap faced by the office members.

The office sought PMC’s support to formulate an approach to measure the Key Performance Indicators, reassess the different processes involved, and establish a system of approach to ensure the projects successful completion.

PMC’s solution

The PMC team began the project on 11th March 2015 by first analyzing the present strategy of the Block office and studied the performance of the office on the different processes conducted by them. The complex processes were broken down to simpler ones and shortcomings in the Quality and Performance aspects of the processes were studied. After identifying a number of gaps in the performed processes, a process re-engineering awareness session was conducted by PMC to improve upon their lead time and decrease the chance of errors at the different stages of processing.

After PMC conducted an in-depth time and motion study and mapped the process flow of all services, establishing the turnaround time (TAT) of each service delivery, shortcomings in the process flow were studied and removed to improve the Turnaround Time. Also, the PMC team was able to attain the ISO 9001 certification for the Block office after successful implementation of a number of solutions that were brought forward by the experts of the team.

Finally, A 2 day Capacity Building Workshop was conducted by PMC for the staff members explaining all the improvements that were established, along with a Personality Development Workshop keeping in mind the need for better PR dealing of the officers with the beneficiaries.

Impact on client’s business

The office successfully implemented the new Quality and Performance Management System and was able to improve the Turnaround Time (TAT) of a set of process by 30%. Further, there was a decrease in the lead time of services provided from 2-3 weeks to 1-2 days on an average. Also, the number of errors in the processes involved decreased from 40 in every 100 cases to 5 in every 100 cases. The office is now fully compliant with the ISO 9001 systems after successful implementation of ideas suggested by the PMC team. The new Performance Indicators have caught the eye of a number of other Block offices in and around the State of Uttar Pradesh, who have started adopting similar strategies to improve their own Performance Indicators.

“Good governance practices made block office SMART and ultimately benefiting”