Strategic Business Consultancy

Aerospace and Defense


The Aerospace industry is one of the few industries where business is governed not only by the laws of demand and supply but also by international arms regulations and technology export restrictions. And yet, companies must leverage global supply chains to achieve cost advantage in an increasingly price sensitive market. The need for constant innovation, cutting edge technology and mission critical quality can be satisfied only with highly skilled resources and reuse of knowledge. PMC has completed 4 successful projects in Aerospace Industry, till now.

Our Services

  1. Implementation of international standards like AS 9100C, ISO 9001:2008.
  2. Management Assurance Programme (MAP) between two surveillances including Continuous Document Augmentation, Trainings, Internal Audits, MRM’s.
  3. Strategic Management Consulting
  4. Performance Improvement Consulting
  5. Manage and increase visibility into global supply chain
  6. Supply chain rationalization
  7. Cost reduction
  8. Facilitate lean process re-engineering and transformation
  9. Service parts inventory management
  10. Outsourcing engineering design and other business processes